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In Alex Taylor’s ‘The Market’, he explores memories created within Covent Garden Market. Having been drawn into this world after being introduced by his father, who has worked there for the past 30 years, this ongoing project captures the unique moments inside this nocturnal hub.

Continuing from previous photographers projects, Taylor constructs his own historical document of the market he currently inhabits before the new redevelopment changes the dynamic of this place. Drawing upon his own unique vision and influences of those closest to him, the imagery he creates become part of the recollections of that environment.


Exploring themes of memory and emotional connection not only to this specific location but also of father & son relationship, this was Taylor’s ‘coming of age’ as he moved into adulthood and preparing for a future without him or his dad being at the market anymore. Also exploring identity within the market and inhabiting this space, this works aims to be an archival document that can provide an insight of what the market was like at this time.

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